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Where to find us. Click to see our club.

Where to find us. Click to see our club.


Queen Inc, Possessing years of rich experience in Singapore's entertainment and music scene. The Band has been the resident band of many accomplished local entertainment establishments which contributed greatly to their success. Since 2007 to 2011, Queen Inc has been playing in one of the biggest club in Singapore, St James Pte Ltd. Their high energy performances provided awe-inspiring cover acts that complemented with strong stage charisma and outlandish image. 

Queen is also a very versatile Band which plays different genres of music with their forte lies in mandarin-pop/rock scene, Queen Inc has since grown to one of the best and most highly sought after rock band in Singapore. 

Adding to their impressive portfolio, Queen Inc is also deeply involved in arranging and producing music. They have self-produced, engineered and recorded an album of 12 songs <<乐之路>>,

Determined to make the album a success and sole the fruits of their labor, In 2003, with their tremendous effort, the launch of their album was a great success in Singapore, Hongkong and Japan selling an impressive copies.

<<12th Nights>>, a musical that was performed at The Esplanade Singapore’s renowned performing Art Centre, with music wholly produced by Queen Inc.’

Being socially aware with current affairs, Queen Inc is regularly involves in community service, charity drives and fund raising activities. 


Charity Projects

Currently Deehellsix is working on a project which aim to help troubled youth by helping them fulfilling their goals and dreams. This campaign- Youth Gone Wild is targeted at 14 – 22 years old delinquents who were ex-gang members or school drop outs. Ever since, Queen Inc has been working ever harder hoping to get more sponsorship for these youths and to create awareness for these youths who wants are determined to turn over a new leaf.

Queen Inc is planning to hold a concert to create more awareness for this meaningful campaign and to educate youngsters these days that having fun can be Drug-free and violence-free.
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Queen Inc Elle performancers

Elle performers

Queen Inc Tracks

Queen Inc 07/11 concert for 600


First concert held in Singapore after Queen Inc left Singapore since June2011. A whopping 600 fans were activated to attend the mini concert! 

Queen Inc would like to Thank
- Club Sensation
- Carlsberg Beer (Main Sponsor)
- Annie Peh Founder of Sinagpore Street Festival for sponsoring Queen Inc Tee Shirt.
- Zen Khor (Logistics)

曲: Deehellsix
词: Rebekka
编曲: Deehellsix
演唱: Shawn 
和声: Sylvester Sim 沈祥龙


Hao Hao Guo




和声 : Sylvester Sim 沈祥龙

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